Sunday, February 2, 2014

Winter Wonderland in Colorado Springs!

"Hi, I'm Olaf...and I like to give warm hugs!"

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Here They Are....

It took me hours to download these pictures for some reason.....but I am glad it finally worked out.  These are the fun activities we were able to participate in.

 Gentry Farms Pumpkin Patch with Grandma & Rob

 He went all out this year on his costume!

Adam enjoys his own Halloween traditions applying fake scars....
 The candy was ready for all the boys and girls to come and partake.
 Classroom Halloween party!!!

I was Elfeba this year...defying gravity!!!!

Savvy enjoys the fact that she can play dress-up at any time during the day.  She is usually eating lunch in a princess/fairy costume or some other get-up.

 Our little cozy home here in TN. I loved how the tree leaves turned to a color scheme that matched our car. Beautiful fall!!!!

Local school carnival where the girls we able to play all night in bounce houses, eat cotton candy (where Daddy was volunteering for his company) and ride horses.

 Dad ran a 5k and the girls were his cheerleaders!

Girl Scout meetings are a blast! She is making some great friends and learning important skills.

I am a baking fool.....

We made elephant toothpaste the other day.  They loved playing in the green foamy mess.

 We take time to learn about the local battlefields from the civil war in this area.  It is quite interesting!

While scrapbooking, I found this note from Elise Johnson to Charlotte just a month before she passed away.  I had forgotten that I kept it in my box of "to-do-scrapbooking" and I am glad I did. It is precious.

My rehearsals are downtown at the Schermerhorn Symphony Hall, so I took pictures the other night.  The building is immaculate and beautiful, not to mention the sound in the hall.....gorgeous! It is a blessing to perform with the orchestra in the Laura Turner Hall inside this building.

 SO GLAD I GOT TO GO TO HER MUSICAL PERFORMANCE THIS YEAR!!!!  These performances are mandated to happen only during school hours (staffing/budgets, etc.) and I got to go!!! SO glad. Otherwise I would have had to buy it on DVD and it is just not the same.  She did great and had a fun time.  Her class was a group of goats that made pizzas and were from Italy.  It was titled, "The Barnyard Moosical"
We enjoyed a visit from my sister.  Her girls slept over and the girls had fun with their cousins!

 Nothing quite like Gaylord's Opryland in Nashville during the holidays!

 Despite her face....they do love my quiche.

 Love the whole foods store!!

Adam loves to create!  Here is the first phase of our dining table.

Adam is so kind to lay tile and set cabinets for my Dad this Thanksgiving.  Even during the holidays he was working his tail off.  We are so blessed to have this talented and helpful man in our family. While he was hard at work, we went and took pictures around the new remodel at my Dad's home.  It is such a nice little house on the lake and we are happy for him and Sassy.